Custom Night Guards

Protect Teeth with a Comfortable Night Guard in Snellville

There are certainly morning people among us, but many of us still wake up groggy and with sore joints. But have ever noticed an aching jaw or sore mouth upon awakening? You could be experiencing bruxism – nocturnal teeth grinding.

Grinding your teeth in your sleep can cause several problems. These issues included accelerated wear on your teeth and disorders of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), better known as your jaw. Over time, the damage to your teeth and jaw can add up and may cause serious consequences.

Dr. Falletta-Swegman can help with a custom night guard. A night guard is a comfortable mouthpiece that Dr. Falletta-Swegman fashions for your unique oral anatomy. Wearing this guard during sleep will relieve the pressure on your teeth and jaw.

Avoid harm to your TMJ and teeth. Schedule a consultation at Southern Dental Snellville by calling (770) 978-7990 now.