Dental Fillings

Functional and Aesthetic Tooth Fillings in Snellville

Dental Fillings in Snellville, GAUnfortunately, a dental cavity will not take care of itself, and you cannot simply let a cavity be. Over time, a cavity will inevitably become larger and deeper unless it is filled. Eventually, a cavity can threaten your entire tooth, ending in infection and tooth loss.

However, a filling is a simple matter at Southern Dental Snellville. Dr. Falletta-Swegman provides quick and easy, but high-quality, fillings at her Snellville practice. A filling will keep your cavity from growing and effectively address the spot of decay.

Some patients also worry about fillings in visible locations. After all, no one wants an obvious silver filling in their smile. But Dr. Falletta-Swegman provides alternatives to metal amalgam fillings in the form of tooth-colored composites. These fillings are barely noticeable and blend in nicely with your grin.

You can set an appointment for your amalgam or composite filling today by dialing (770) 978-7990.