Tooth Extractions

Comfortable and Quick Tooth Removal in Snellville

When you’re in pain, you want to feel better quickly. An infected or injured tooth can be a very uncomfortable experience. While Dr. Falletta-Swegman is often able to save such a tooth with a root canal or other treatment, there are times when removal is the best choice. If you need a tooth extracted – or pulled – Dr. Falletta-Swegman strives to perform the procedure quickly and comfortably.

We use every method available at Southern Dental Snellville, including anesthetic and Nitrous (Laughing) gas, to minimize discomfort and keep you relaxed. Patients usually find that a tooth extraction relieves the pain that caused them to seek treatment in the first place.

You also won’t have to worry about living with a gap in your smile. We have many tooth replacement possibilities at Southern Dental Snellville, and Dr. Falletta-Swegman will be glad to help you decide how to replace your extracted tooth.

Remember, we are available for dental emergencies! You can reach us by dialing (770) 978-7990.