Dental Crowns

High Quality Tooth Caps in Snellville, GA

Dental Crowns in Snellville, GAYour teeth see a lot of use over the years, and all that chewing and other action can really pile on the wear and tear. It’s no wonder that teeth sometimes crack, especially if they have suffered from decay. But a damaged tooth does not necessarily have to be replaced. Sometimes a crown is the answer.

Crowns go over the upper part of your tooth, covering everything above the gumline. A dental crown serves a dual purpose:

  1. To present an attractive appearance by covering fillings, chips, or cracks
  2. And to provide reinforcement and structural integrity to your tooth

In other words, a crown can help prevent further damage to your tooth and keep you from needing an extraction.

At Southern Dental Snellville, Dr. Falletta-Swegman provides crowns made of high-quality material that lasts. She can even replace old crowns that are loose or uncomfortable.

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